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Fasting assistant

This is your home screen. It features your fasting timer, shows the number of fasts you completed, your current weight, and calculates how much more you need to lose until you reach your target weight. You can always click the pause button to stop your fasting session or click the “adjust” icon to choose a fasting method that fits perfectly into your lifestyle.

Fasting types

Feel free to choose from various fasting types: from beginner-friendly fasts to something more advanced – 16-hour fasts or 20:4 (the warrior diet).

Challenge mode

Choose from 7-day, 14-day, and 28-day challenges or switch to ‘Advanced’ mode to dictate your own fasting rules! The new challenge mode gives you a set daily agenda with fasting hours and lots of useful advice on healthy nutrition, habit formation, and exercise.

Meal recommendations

Easily set up your dietary preferences, allergies and explore delicious meal recommendations. Your personalized meal plan features a recommended calorie intake bar that shows how many calories you should consume to meet your body’s needs. Choose what to eat for breakfast, snacks, dinner or explore the whole database of delicious meals at once!

Calorie tracker

Keep your calorie intake balanced with the new DoFasting calorie tracker! Your daily calorie intake bar shows the number of recommended calories and your progress throughout the day. br To fill it up, log your calories manually or prepare meals from suggested recipes to add their calories automatically.

Water tracker

Staying properly hydrated is extremely important! It helps you feel energised and maintain the balance of your bodily fluids. With the new DoFasting water tracker, you can set daily goals and learn to maintain this healthy habit long-term.

Exercise suggestions

Click on the “workouts” icon to select your fitness level and preferred workout days. Here you will professionally visualized 10-30-minute training routines – warmups, workouts and stretching guides.

Tips & guidance

Our freshly-published articles will help you to stay up-to-date with scientific research and teach how to practice intermittent fasting the educated way. From proper hydration to problems you may face as a beginner – we’re aiming to jump ahead and answer every question you may have.

Progress tracker & calendar

Start tracking your weight loss and see your progress visualized on the fasting calendar. This window features your starting, current, and target weight. It’s also where you can change your app settings and details by clicking the “settings” icon at the right top corner.

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